Requirement Management for an innovative hybrid airship

Requirement Management for an innovative hybrid airship

Natasha Fox

WEC specialist engineers were contracted as part of a consultancy team to assist in a client development programme for an innovative hybrid airship.


The project

It is WEC’s philosophy that a set of thoroughly understood and well managed requirements are the bedrock upon which successful projects are built. This approach underpinned our involvement in the development of an innovative hybrid airship.

Our engineers worked closely with the client to ensure project requirements were effectively managed, and the requisite Validation & Verification (V&V) evidence was captured throughout the project.

  • Activities conducted included an independent review of the pre-existing Certification processes resulting in proposals to help reduce the amount of compliance documentation required.
  • A review of the Airship Design Criteria was completed and the Means of Compliance for each applicable requirement proposed. This included allocating compliance responsibilities to appropriate functional areas of the aircraft (e.g. Powerplant, Electrical) and authoring Compliance Summary reports and Particular Risk Analyses.
  • Completion of both the Compliance Summaries and the Particular Risk Analyses required a combination of legacy data and new data derived through meetings conducted with appropriate technical specialists in order to determine system functionality and to capture changes resulting from design evolution.
  • Where sufficient information was deemed available to demonstrate compliance with requirements these were identified, where insufficient compliance data was available, generally owing to the immaturity of the programme, a compliance road map was presented.
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The benefit

Due to our multi-systems, whole aircraft understanding, WEC specialist engineers were able to view the project holistically. We were able to join the project team with minimum ramp up time and provide requirements management expertise framed by our robust processes and rigorous in-house Quality Management System.

Our experience of working with highly complex and integrated systems enabled us to maintain clarity, understanding and traceability across the project. This approach ensured programme efficiency and reduced programme risk and cost.

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