New aircraft variant

New aircraft variant

Natasha Fox

Our team of specialist engineers undertook a large Validation and Verification activity for a major European airframe manufacturer for the Certification of a new aircraft variant and a major development of an existing in-service airframe.


The project

As part of a wider, client led, project team, our specialist engineers managed significant Validation & Verification (V&V) activities supporting and underpinning the Certification of a new aircraft variant and the major development of an existing in-service airframe.

WEC was responsible for co-ordinating and implementing significant updates to requirements management documents using IBM’s Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) providing full traceability of new requirements and associated compliance evidence.

The activity included cross-checking of existing V&V evidence and the production of regular status reports to satisfy client programme milestones.

In completing the activity WEC authored a number of key process and requirement documents, including:

  • System Validation and Verification (V&V) Plan
  • System Requirements Document
  • System Configuration Index
  • System Interface Requirements Document
  • System Validation and Verification (V&V) Summary
  • System Development Programme Management Plan

Whilst safety remained paramount, another key client concern was minimising project delays to ensure challenging deadlines were met.

System engineers
Plane runway engine

The benefit

Due to our cross-discipline, platform and process knowledge, we were able to contribute to the project team right from the start of our engagement with the client. We were quickly able to ascertain and cascade requirements and establish and demonstrate means of compliance verification. Furthermore, our robust internal processes and quality management system enabled us to expedite the project, without compromising the quality of output.

Our use of IBM DOORS not only ensured that traceability was maintained, but also enabled us to provide data to aid project management reporting.

Our team were able to effectively manage complex requirements and author the key processes and requirements documents in accordance with the tight project timescales.

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