Fuel pump certification

Fuel pump certification

Ian Butterworth

As part of a larger product improvement activity, our team of specialist engineers worked with a client to verify that an item of existing equipment complied with industry standard ‘explosion proofness’ requirements.


The project

As part of a certification programme, WEC provided engineering consultancy services including zonal safety analysis. The zonal safety analysis identified that the existing fuel system pumps required qualification for explosion proofness, a requirement for which the pumps had not originally been specifically designed for.

Rather than immediately sourcing an alternative pump and risking additional programme costs and delays, WEC sought to demonstrate compliance of the existing pump through testing.

  • Working closely with the client, equipment supplier and test house (Health and Safety Laboratory – HSL) WEC assessed the pumps capability to comply with the requirement.
  • WEC specified and organised testing in accordance with RTCA (formerly Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics)/DO-160G, Section 9 at HSLs facility, Buxton, Derbyshire.
  • WEC assisted the pump supplier in the preparation of a pump that was suitable for testing in accordance with the test requirement.
  • WEC also witnessed the testing on behalf of the client providing advice to the test facility as required and ensuring that the test was performed in accordance with the test requirement.
Pipe close up
Two men checking aeroplane

The benefit

A successful test provided the necessary evidence to demonstrate compliance with the explosion proofness requirement. WEC documented this new test evidence and this enabled the pump to be certificated and installed on the aircraft.  WEC specialist engineers were able to add a layer of independence to the testing and wider certification activities. A ‘Permit to Fly’ was subsequently granted by EASA allowing the development flight test programme to commence.

WEC engineering experience enabled us to look at the bigger picture and see beyond the existing pump qualification evidence. In doing so, we avoided what would have been a costly and time-consuming exercise to source an alternative pump, thereby minimising the impact on the client’s programme.

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