FloMASTER® modelling solutions

FloMASTER® modelling solutions

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Our FloMASTER® modelling solutions provide cost effective risk mitigation and alternatives to rig or system tests.


The project

WEC specialist engineers use Siemens FloMASTER® software as a 1D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for the modelling and analysis of fluid mechanics in complex piping systems.

  • WEC have the capability to develop analytical models from scratch or take an existing customer model and adapt it for use within the FloMASTER® tool.
  • This type of digital modelling permits a good alternative to expensive test techniques and permits safe exploration of full operating envelopes and failure conditions.
  • WEC have significant experience of steady state and transient, compressible and incompressible fluid flow.
  • Our analysis often forms a sub-part of a larger, more significant work package being undertaken by WEC engineers.
  • A typical analysis includes validation of requirements and data gathering, model development and verification, conducting simulations (usually to an agreed specification and sometimes including failure cases), evaluation of preliminary results followed by a final analysis report with conclusions and recommendations for further consideration.
  • Our engineers are expert users of synergistic modelling packages, including MATLAB and Simulink, enabling WEC to perform detailed cross-disciplinary co-simulation.
  • WEC have applied the technique to numerous projects on behalf of several clients, including a major European aircraft manufacturer, in support of new system design, system modifications, root cause analysis and the introduction of new equipment.
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The benefit

Through use of our analytical expertise, our specialist engineers have supported clients in the development and certification of large pressurised fluid systems, pumps, fuel tanks and gaseous inerting solutions as well as analysing post-delivery, in service issues and events.

The analysis involved can be complex and require input from personnel with expertise in a range of engineering backgrounds. Our integrated business model enables our engineers to draw upon the skills and support of their longstanding, highly experienced colleagues. Clients therefore benefit from the expertise of individuals and the experience of the wider WEC team.

Supported by our cross discipline, whole platform understanding, our specialist engineers are able to provide 1D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for the modelling and analysis of fluid dynamics in complex piping systems.

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