Airbus Fuel Systems Domain

Airbus Fuel Systems Domain

Sean Morson

This is a large work package covering several different aircraft programmes each with many different fuel system projects. WEC have been key in supporting our client on this work package since 2009.


The project

Contractually the work package is via an “approved supplier”. This arrangement has meant that in a sense we have two clients for the same project. This requires additional communication and reporting of similar but different data sets for the Prime and the approved supplier. Operationally all communication is direct with the “Prime” client, but we work hard to ensure that our client, the approved supplier, is fully informed of any and all issues.

Our Programme Manager is key in maintaining the relationship with both the “Prime” and the “approved supplier”.

  • Where appropriate, we comply with the processes and procedures of the Prime client and those of the approved supplier whilst maintaining compliance with our own QMS.
  • Status data is maintained by the Job Leads and they are able to draw on this same data to inform various different reports. The many varied projects within the fuel systems domain often have slight variations in the project management data that is required at the working level. Our flexible approach means that we easily adapt to these varied requirements.
  • Throughout this long-term relationship we have continuously improved and adapted our processes and the use of our project management system. These developments were done in collaboration with all stakeholders whilst continuing to comply with our own QMS.
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Research & development

This proactive approach has ensured that the required reporting data is always available and that we can more effectively continue to support the ongoing work package whilst maintaining compliance with any changes in the client’s requirements.

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