Management Team

Richard SmithRichard Smith
Managing Director

Richard graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Hatfield Polytechnic before starting work in 1987 for British Aerospace as a Systems Engineer at their Woodford factory in Cheshire. Richard began his career working in aircraft Environmental Control being responsible for bleed system and cabin temperature/pressure control across a number of platforms. Richard later extended his responsibilities to include powerplant systems on the BAe146/Avro RJ aircraft, leading the Woodford based Systems In-service Support team for all fluid and mechanical systems on the aircraft. Richard has also held a number of project management and team leader positions covering other aircraft disciplines.

Latterly Richard led a team of Systems engineers within BAE Systems who were supporting the UK based Airbus Fuel systems team. In January 2009, Richard left BAE Systems to form and lead Woodford Engineering Consultancy as Managing Director. Richard is ultimately responsible for quality management and engineering governance within the company.

Rob HardmanRob Hardman
Operations Director

Rob has enjoyed a career spanning nearly three decades within the European Aerospace industry, having joined British Aerospace in 1986 as a technician apprentice. After 5 years’ experience in the production environment and gaining an HNC in Aeronautical Engineering, Rob moved into Customer Support as a Powerplant Systems Engineer. This was an international customer-facing role and for four years was based in Toulouse, with Rob becoming the Powerplant Group Leader. In 2000 Rob returned to Woodford to join the In-service Support group specialising in Powerplant. In 2005 Rob moved on to BAe’s Airbus Systems group where he supported fuel systems development on a number of Airbus aircraft types, liaising with the design office, major equipment suppliers and the airworthiness authorities.

Today, Rob draws on his previous experiences in his role of Operations Director: with assistance from Work Stream Leaders, Rob is ultimately responsible for fulfilling customer requirements and ensuring that work packages are resourced and completed effectively and to budget.

Dave BradshawDave Bradshaw
Commercial Director

Dave joined Rolls-Royce as an undergraduate apprentice in 1983 and graduated from the University of Bristol in 1989 with an honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He then joined British Aerospace at Woodford in Project Management on the ATP (Advanced Turbo-Prop) project. In subsequent years he progressed through a variety of commercial roles at Woodford and enjoyed success in developing the site’s third-party business in aircraft finishing and engineering test facilities. He returned to a technical role in 2000, joining the Mechanical Systems department as a Senior Engineer, contributing to in-service support and development of the BAe146/Avro RJ family of regional jets, working on powerplant and cabin air quality as well as development and certification of the Avro RJX powerplant. From 2003 Dave worked on Concorde fuel system ignition risk reduction then A400M fuel and inerting systems for Airbus.

In January 2009, Dave left BAE Systems to help found Woodford Engineering Consultancy as Commercial Director. Dave’s responsibilities include negotiation and management of contracts, and driving development of the business through sales and marketing and the development of industrial partnerships.

Mike GreenMike Green
Financial Director

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the aerospace industry, having joined British Aerospace at Woodford as an undergraduate apprentice. He graduated from Nottingham University in 1982 with an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and began his career in aircraft systems design and development, becoming a Chartered Engineer in 1988. Following a principal role in the development of the ATP electrical system, Mike has worked in both systems research for future aircraft projects and development/ in-service support of the BAe146/Avro RJ regional jet. He was electrical engineering lead for the Russian IAC Certification of the Avro RJ and also managed engineering projects involving design, manufacturing and procurement disciplines. On completion of the fuel system safety review for 146/RJ, Mike undertook similar work on Concorde for Airbus before being engaged on A400M fuel systems wiring requirements.

In January 2009, Mike left BAE Systems to help found Woodford Engineering Consultancy. Combining the roles of Financial Director and Company Secretary, Mike is responsible for all financial and regulatory matters.

Sarah MacLeanSarah MacLean
Business Manager

Sarah joined the Woodford Engineering team as Assistant Business Manager upon graduating in 2010. She had previously attended Manchester Business School where she obtained an honours degree in Business Management.

Sarah is responsible for much of the day to day running of the business, working closely with the Directors to help shape and implement policies relating to all business functions. As part of the management team, much of Sarah’s time is focused upon providing support to the Commercial and Finance departments, a role that she greatly enjoys and has provided her with the opportunity for continued professional development.