WEC was born out of the desire to positively utilise the best of the systems engineering talent available in North West England. The 14 founding members remain WEC employees and this initial aim has not faltered as we have grown, influencing the way we operate as both an employer and as a supplier.

Integrity and transparency are at the heart of all of our operations: we do not believe that short term profits should take precedence over quality of output or stability of the work-force. Consequentially we employ staff on a permanent basis wherever possible and enjoy a very low staff turn-over rate.


We understand that quality of output is of paramount importance, and take great pride in ensuring that every aspect of our business adheres to the standard prescribed by AS/EN 9100 Rev C.

By fully embracing a ‘Quality Culture,’ we not only benefit from the knowledge that our output is of the highest standard, but we also ensure that our processes remain as lean, relevant and effective as possible, enabling us to provide maximum value to our customers.

Expert Capability

The majority of our employees have over 20 years’ industry experience. Whilst we believe in nurturing young engineering talent, every graduate is woven seamlessly into a team of established engineers, allowing us to ensure our customers always receive the level of consultancy they expect.

The depth and breadth of aeronautical expertise our engineers possess allow us to view an aircraft holistically in terms of systems and vehicle interactions and in-service operation. WEC engineers are familiar with all aspects of aircraft system design, specification, qualification and support, covering a wide range of ATA disciplines.