In-Service Support

In-Service Support

We at WEC are proud of our substantial experience in the support of in-service aircraft. A large proportion of the team previously supported the worldwide fleet of BAe ATP and BAe146 /Avro RJ aircraft. This experience continues to be utilised through our relationship with airframe OEMs such as Airbus. Our background and holistic approach give WEC a unique perspective and the capability to take ownership of the task and provide the most appropriate and effective solution at the right time.

Our teams of engineers are at home in the reactive world of in-service support where immediate responses are often required to minimise aircraft down-time. Further to this, fleet serviceability and operation is enhanced by the teams’ pro-active monitoring of in-service reliability and identification of negative trends, allowing pre-emptive corrective actions to be put in place. Working in conjunction with the operator enables WEC to clearly understand and define the problem and so determine the root causes: an essential first step in developing the right solution.

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